• Orologi Mechatime: BOLT


    This watch was inspired by the element that fastens the wheel to the hub of a sports car. The nut represents the fastening element par excellence. It is found is several different types inside an engine. A nut transformed into a hexagonal watch, with the crown evoking the same shape as the case.

  • Orologi Mechatime T-PULLEY


    A watch inspired by the engine transmission devices. The case external design represents the transmission belt grasping point. It is made of titanium allow, a material characterized by a low specific weight and by an extraordinary mechanical resistance.

  • Orologi Mechatime SEEGER


    The peculiar shape of this watch is inspired by a retaining ring used on the engine shafts, whose purpose is to determine the alignment of the gears and other mechanical parts, preventing the axial displacement of these elements.

  • Orologi Mechatime BOLT-LADY


    Lady version BOLT model, with a smaller case: 34 mm hexagon and Soleil dial with black numerals.