Production process

Each Mechatime watch is unique and hancrafted using traditional machine tools to produce the cases, the case backs and the bezels. All finishing, satin finishing and polishing operations are performed by hand. Before the assembly, the serial number and the related lettering are engraved on each watch. Upon client’s request, our models are highly customizable, from engravings on the case back, to special dials and finishes of the cases.




Before production, each model is designed in 2D and then modelled with the help of a 3D software. This process is necessary to envision a complete prototype and, at the same time, to develop a high-precision technical study.



The case is always manufactured from a single block of material, such as stainless steel, aerospace aluminium alloy, titanium alloys and many more materials. The same procedure applies to the production of the bezels and back cases, that are polished or satin-finished solely by hand. 



All dials are produced using a high-precision cutting system. The dials may be full, slightly skeleton or made of carbon, depending of the watch model and on the customization requested by the client.
The dials are printed with PAD printing.



Each Mechatime watch features a Threaded Crown (screw-down crown) equipped with a gasket, in order to increase the waterproof and the life span of the watch. Crowns may vary from traditional round crowns to special engraved crowns.



All Mechatime watches are handcrafted by a watchmaker with twenty years of experience, who checks the mechanical clearances and all the watch components.



After the assembly is completed, every single watch undergoes a rigid under pressure and vacuum test to verify its waterproof. This test is used to verify that the gaskets have been assembled correctly and to measure the glass resistance.