Brand's History


Mechatime was created by the innovative ideas of two childhood friends: Andrea Colombo and Fabio De Lazzari. From an early age, Andrea and Fabio, who were born and lived near Monza, were fascinated by the racetrack and races and most of all, were fascinated by engines in general. This passion inspired them to pursue a technical education.
Passionate about watches and united by decades of experience in precision engineering, in 2010, Andrea and Fabio began designing their first timepieces, characterized by refined materials, attention to technical detail and a design inspired by Italian craftsmanship.
After two years of studies and prototypes, in 2012 the first Mechatime handmade watches were created and subjected to a wide range of rigorous testing, to verify the technical solutions adopted, the materials used and the case ergonomics. 
The innovative shapes of Mechatime watches rise from the idea of enhancing the mechanical details inspired by the world of motorsports, such as fastening elements, transmission devices, retaining rings and other components, that come to life and are transformed into handmade timepieces. 
In 2015, Mechatime enters the market with a line of high-quality handcrafted watches, comprising four models in different versions and limited editions. Mechatime uses Swiss automatic movements for its handmade watches.